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VO2 Max

Oxygen performance measurement service (VO2 max)

VO2 max is a value or tool that indicates the performance of the body. Which is used a lot in sports medicine But the general person or patients who are sick with diseases related to the heart and lungs can detect their own VO2 max values to see the fitness of the body Risk of chronic diseases Or to find guidelines for exercise that is suitable for your physical condition

What is oxygen efficiency measurement (VO2 max)?

Oxygen efficiency measurement or VO2 max test is to determine the maximum oxygen consumption rate (Maximal Oxygen Consumption) that the body can be imported, conveyed and used while exercising the most tired in 1 minute, with a unit measured in milliliters per 1 kg body weight. If viewed from the value, it is found that there is a lot of oxygen. It means that the body can create a lot of energy. Show the fitness of the body itself

And it is an examination that measures both the performance of the heart, lungs, circulatory system and all muscle cells, both working independently and working together. That is why watching the VO2 max value can be used in conjunction with the overall health of the body.

How is the oxygen efficiency measurement (VO2 max)?

The detection of VO2 max is popularly done in 2 methods: testing by running on the treadmill (treadmill) or cycling (Stationary bike cycling). While testing, the mask must be put on to measure the gas that the test is received or released while breathing. Including wearing a chest band to measure the heart rate And attaching the electrode to measure the electrocardiogram Which will be measured from before the exercise to assess the normal condition before exercising To be compared to the value that is measured while exercising fully The time used in the test is about 30 minutes.

Who is the oxygen efficiency measurement (VO2 max) suitable for?

Those who are suitable for measuring oxygen efficiency (VO2 max) include:

  • General public
  • Professional athletes, marathon runners, cyclists, as well as those who like to exercise and play sports.
  • People with respiratory and lung problems
  • People with weight problems or BMI exceed the standard.
  • People who are at risk of cardiovascular disease or have had heart failure.

But in fact, the VO2 max test is suitable for everyone. Because for the general public The fact that we know their own VO2 max will allow us to assess the risk of heart and circulatory diseases. The higher the VO2 max, it means that your body is very fit. And there is a lower risk of chronic diseases

Advantages of oxygen efficiency measurement (VO2 max)

  • Can detect irregular heartbeats that occur in conjunction with exercise.
  • Can find the cause of tiredness To be used to find a solution to the tired condition easily
  • The VO2 Max test is considered to measure the limit of physical fitness. And can use the information To design a suitable exercise program for each person Therefore suitable for everyone, both people Interested in exercise And those who have problems with lung and heart health
  • In the VO2 max test, the electrocardiogram will be measured. Therefore is a guideline for screening coronary artery disease Arrhythmia That may be found while exercising Causing the chance of acute death from exercise as well
  • Help patients with coronary artery disease, leaking heart valve, congenital heart or those who have previous heart balloon surgery can design exercises that are suitable for their own body.

How to prepare before measuring oxygen efficiency (VO2 max)?

In order for the VO2 max to be the most accurate and effective, you should prepare before getting tested as follows:

  • Get enough sleep before the test.
  • Refrain from heavy exercise 12 hours before the test.
  • Refrain from eating at least 3 hours before the test, but can drink plain water as usual.
  • Refrain from drinking caffeine, alcohol, and smoking 3 hours before the test.
  • In the case of congenital disease or medication that must be eaten regularly Should consult a doctor before getting the test Whether the drug affects the test or not and must stop that drug before coming to the test?
  • In the test, it is best to wear sportswear or flexible clothing for exercise.

Each of our VO2 max values is not the same. Will be more or less depending on many factors that everyone is different, whether it is gender, age, exercise level, heart and vascular condition Including genetics If you want to know your own VO2 max value Can come to check Longa Heart Health Medical Center Vascular and heart care center without surgery We are happy to provide oxygen performance measurement services (VO2 max) under the supervision of a team of doctors and experts in cardiovascular health care.