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IV Drip

Vascular Vitamin Service (IV Drip)

Vascular vitamins or vitamin dripping is the provision of vitamins and minerals in the form of water into the bloodstream directly through the saline line. Causing the body to absorb vitamins and minerals faster compared to receiving vitamins by giving Which will help restore health Strengthen the immune system Help fight free radicals And help the skin look bright and brighter Suitable for those who have a habit of choosing to eat Can not eat a variety Or there are some causes of the body that make receiving complete nutrients

What is intravenous vitamin administration (IV Drip)?

IV Drip is the delivery of vitamins or water through the vein into the body. It is a very popular method today because it is seen quickly. It takes only a short time. And your body can fully absorb vitamins and minerals By dripping each vitamin, it will be a mixture of minerals and vitamins that will be a specific formula of that provider.

How is the intravenous vitamin (IV Drip) procedure?

The process of dripping vitamins is not complicated and hassle-free.

1.The clinic will prepare Longa’s unique vitamin and mineral formula, which is a formula that will give you the full of vitamins and minerals to restore health and strengthen your immune system.

2.Officers administered a vitamin through a vein in the arm.

3.Guests can sit comfortably, watch TV, read books, play smartphones, or may sleep while receiving the service. It takes about 60 minutes.

Who is the intravenous vitamin (IV Drip) suitable for?

Vascular vitamin administration (IV Drip) is suitable for many people who are experiencing these problems, such as

  • Feeling tired, not fresh, easily sick, or not physically strong.
  • There is a problem with the skin that is not bright and dull.
  • There is a problem with clogged acne, inflammatory acne or pimples or people with chronic skin rashes. Chronic hives Because there is a strong skin protection shield
  • Have metabolic problems.
  • There are problems with sleep, not enough rest, low immunity.
  • There are chronic allergy problems such as easy nasal congestion, frequent sneezing, migraine and chronic sinuses.

Advantages of intravenous vitamins (IV Drip)

The advantage of giving vitamins through blood vessels (IV Drip) is the speed of vitamin absorption, causing the body to be able to use those vitamins immediately. And other good results, whether it is

  • Helps to feel relaxed.
  • Helps restore skin radiance.
  • Helps restore the body to sleep healthy in no time.


How should I prepare before receiving intravenous vitamins (IV Drip)?

Preparation before receiving vitamins intravenously is not complicated. No need to prepare a lot.

  • No need to abstain from water, no food.
  • If you are taking medicine, supplements, have a congenital disease, or have a history of allergies, you should inform your doctor before taking vitamins.
  • Get enough rest before receiving vitamins to help balance the body.
  • Drink a lot of water to make the blood vessels expand because when taking vitamins, vitamins will circulate quickly.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol before dripping vitamins for at least 1 day.

And when receiving vitamins through the blood vessels Still have to eat healthy food and exercise regularly as well In order to be healthy and sustainable

Longa Heart Health Medical Center, a center for vascular and heart disease without surgery. Open for vascular vitamins (IV Drip), including other services related to cardiovascular health. Each time, there will be a mixture of minerals and vitamins that will be a unique formula of Longa, which will make your body fully mineral. And if you want to rest fully while receiving vitamins We have a room that allows you to sleep along with receiving vitamins without taking about 60 minutes. If interested, contact for advice or use the service, call 099 986 8443.